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Simon Kitty

A couple of months ago I supported a Kickstarter campaign for Lightbox Photography Cards, which is a deck of 52 cards with photography suggestions printed on them. The idea being that you pick a card and spend a day, a week, or a month taking pictures that fit the card’s description.

Water, water everywhere


I suppose you’re all wondering how my month of no soda is going. Well, let me tell you while I suck back this tasty Diet Pepsi.

So yeah… it isn’t going well. I made it a week before I had just one on the weekend. That quickly escalated to my normal two or three a day. I am drinking more water though so I’ve got that going for me.

No soda, no peace

Ever since I was young and discovered the carbonated goodness that is soda, I’ve been hooked. For most of my life I almost exclusively drank Mt Dew. No milk, no water, no juice–just Mt Dew. On average I figure I consumed about a 2-liter bottle per day. That’s an average, people. I must have continued on that path for about 25 years. Then about 12 years ago or so, a nurse friend of mine convinced me to give up Mt. Dew. So I switched to diet root beer and diet Pepsi.

Tomorrow is March 1st and also a Sunday which is what I consider to be the first day of a week. As I tend to  see things like that as an auspicious congruence I’ve decided to give up all soda for the month of March.

I’ll pause for your collective gasps of shock and surprise.

Anyway, I figure the fist week is going to be the hardest. I don’t think it’s going to be the caffeine withdrawal that gets to me. Root beer doesn’t have any caffeine and that’s what I drink most of the time. It does however have the previously mentioned carbonated goodness. And yes, I know all about the Soda Stream and other home-made soda appliances. The problem is our area’s water is crap and I have serious doubts about these home appliances replicating the sweet, bubbly sensation of actual soda. It’s also the habit of ordering soda that I’m going to have to break.

I’m going to try sticking to water for the most part. Juice, milk, etc are all still options. If I get really desparate I may even try… coffee. ::shudder::

How to remove old servers from Notes open dialog

Taken from Kenio’s blog  and put here because the memory is the second thing to go.

How to remove unwanted Domino Server name from Open Application dialog

Kenio Carvalho  6 November 2014 10:25:08

I never bothered with the names of servers that appeared in Open Application Dialog Application until now.

A customer ask how to remove the server names but without loose the desktop.dsk.

After a search on the subject i found a solution.

1 – Download the desktool utility from IBM and put the file on the Notes program directory
2 – Shutdown the Notes client.
3 – Create a script to delete the files. It is a txt file with the following :

Delete ServerName/Organization

If you want to delete several servers create several lines with the server names.

4 – Run the command  dsktool [filename ] -I  -R

Back to Back to Back

A lot has happened in the last several months. My fitness plans have been completely derailed. It’s not like I’ve been Spartan about it anyway but even the little bit that I had been trying to do became too painful. Let me go back to the beginning.

Several years ago I started to notice that sometimes, not all the time, my leg would sort of fall asleep if I had been standing or walking on concrete for extended periods of time (thank you Lotusphere). Since my extended standing periods didn’t happen all that often it was easy to deal with. Somewhere around the same time period or a little later, I also noticed occasional sciatica in one of my legs. Then that also seemed to go away.

Y’know, this would have been easier to sum up if I’d kept up with the journaling. Oh irony, thou art a fickle bitch.

Fast forward to about six months ago, the sciatic pain comes back and starts to get really bad. So bad that it was part of the reason I sold my beloved Jeep and haven’t ridden my motorcycle but a couple times this year. It became increasingly more difficult to get my daily steps via my FitBit. It’s now bilateral and I’ve occasionally lost motor control in one of my legs. Just for an instant, but still. Scary.

To make a long story short I went to the doctor who got me an x-ray and then an MRI. They found some arthritis and  spinal stenosis with a pinched L4 nerve.  So now I’m starting physical therapy twice a week and trying to do the daily homework they’ve assigned. It’s a lot of core work, which apparently I’m sorely lacking, and self-massage. Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s using a racquet ball to do deep pressure massage.

It’s only been a few days so there’s no noticeable difference yet. I’d just like to get back to being able to walk like a normal person. Maybe even run again.



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