London Calling

The Year of Awesome is off to a great start. I made the resolution to run 366 miles in this calendar year. (I’m a little behind where I should be with that but that’s for another post.) I spent 10 days in Florida reconnecting with friends and colleagues, and occasionally learning something. I rode a Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra through Central Florida for two days with some of the best people from all over the world.

About now you’re either saying to yourself, “Wow, what is next in the Year of Awesome?” or “I wonder what the XKCD cartoon is for today.”

The answer to the first question is hinted at in the title of the post. That’s right, in March I’ll be heading over the pond to London. I won’t be spending my whole time in the City of The Bard noshing on fish and chips, nay, I shall be fulfilling a lifelong dream that I never even knew I had. Along with a few people mentioned in the first paragraph I’ll be riding a motorcycle around Europe.

This all started back in November when Paul Mooney tried to talk me into riding along with him to BLUG (the annual Belgium Lotus User Group conference) using such tempting tidbits as “Every time Bill (Buchan) and I ride to a LUG it’s guaranteed to piss rain.” and “Along with a rain suit you’ll need gloves and a full face helmet because the temps will probably be in the 30’sF.” Apparently these are considered convincing among the Irish.

Obviously I was all in for the trip. So I’ll be renting a motorcycle in London then hooking up with several other demented enthusiasts to ride around southern England over to France then up through Belgium to The Netherlands and back to Antwerp, Belgium for the conference at the end of the week. When we leave Antwerp we’re hoping to have time to spend in Bruges before taking an overnight ferry from IJmuiden, NL to Newcastle, UK. From there my American travel partner, Devin Olson, and I will probably make a jaunt north just to cross the border of Scotland (to say we did it) and then head south back to London before returning our rentals.

I’m staying an extra couple of days in London (Kensington) to do some sightseeing. So this is where you, my faithful reader, come in. What should definitely visit while in the London area? Big Ben? Tower of London? A van down by the river??

And to answer your second question: xkcd

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