Orphaned reservations in clubusy.nsf

This is mostly to help me remember these commands but I figured they might help someone else too. The information comes from this Technote.

This morning I got a helpdesk ticket indicating that a conference room was showing up as unavailable even though there were no reservation documents in the Room & Resource database that held the room.

By running the tell RnRMgr show roomname/sitename command on the server console I could see that clusbusy.nsf did indeed think there was a reservation for the times in question. So just to be safe I ran the following commands:

  • tell RnRMgr check roomname/sitename
  • tell RnRMgr validate roomname/sitename

I then ran the original tell RnRMgr show roomname/sitename command and verified that the orphaned reservation had been removed from the clusbusy.nsf. Then I tried to create a new reservation for that particular room resource for the time in question and this time it showed as available.

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