Lights, Camera, ACTION!

sony_handycam_dcr_sx85The day after Christmas I decided that I needed just one. more. present. So I stopped by Best Buy, actually 2 Best Buy locations because they were sold out at the first one, and bought myself a Sony Handicam videorecorder.

Why, you ask? I’ve never  had any aspirations toward film making nor do I see myself as the next Hitchcock, but I do believe that everyone has their own vision about their life and world. It could be argued that life is all about expressing that vision, whether it is by taking photographs, writing a book, protecting society as a law enforcement officer, being a good parent/child/spouse, exercising; even the way you dress. I think that under all the daily bullshit, all the “searching for myself”, and all the corporate ladder climbing is the basic human drive to identify and express our unique perception of our life and experiences.

Think about it. Everything we do, say, or think, from the food we eat to the way we walk to the groups we join, is either consciously or subconsciously a projection of how we view ourselves and the world around us. A lot of times it doesn’t even have to be published. Even the things you do or create that no one will ever know about express your views. (Think: diary)

Wow, that totally took a philosophical turn that I wasn’t expecting.

Anyway, I took the camera with me when we went to Williamsburg for my wife’s family Christmas. I didn’t take a lot of footage, and none of the actual historical area weirdly enough, but I only wanted enough to play with in editing. Of course when I finally downloaded the .MPG files I found out that Apple’s iMovie doesn’t recognize that format natively. So after some online searching I found what looks like decent video editing software. I used one of the pre-packaged templates and plugged in some of the video I took to make a fake movie trailer about our vacation and then put it up on Facebook. This weekend I’m going to try editing all the vacation video into some form of coherence and stick if on a DVD for my MIL who is not on Facebook.

Hopefully I’ll get comfortable enough with this medium to share some of my vision with you.

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