First Class

In the small, college town of Shepherdstown, WV there is a running store called Two Rivers Treads. The store was opened 5 years ago by local doctor Mark Cucuzzella. The store makes the claim of being the nation’s first minimalist shore store.

I bought a pair of dress shoes from them (that I never wear because they chafe my heels) so I ended up on their emailing list. Now normally I immediately trash the newsletters because I’m not in the market for new shoes but for some reason I took a look at the most recent one. It advertised a couple of Couch to 5k classes coming up, one in Shepherdstown and one in Martinsburg.

I immediately wanted to sign up but then started questioning myself. I know that I have to move more. I’ve tried running and going to the gym and stuff before but I’ve always tried to do it by myself. So this time I’m going to try doing it with a group. I’m hoping that by putting down a little money and committing to a weekly group meeting that I’ll actually finish this program.

I’ve been pushing off really starting running or any kind of fitness program for so long that I was actually scared of starting this one. What if I’m the slowest? What if I have a heart attack? What if I literally can’t finish, not the running but what if I can’t even physically walk as far as everyone? I stressed myself out so much that when I finally did go I showed up an hour early. Doh!

The class was led by Dr. Mark himself and he started out with a little warmup by teaching us how to jog slow. He spoke about proper posture and movement and stressed building up slower than we even currently think of as slow to prevent injuries. Naturally he promoted zero-drop shoes on a couple of occasions but that was to be expected.

After practicing the slow jog a couple of times we hit the trail. I lasted through the first 60 second slow job, after 90 seconds of walking, before my hips and back started screaming. From there I just accepted that I was going to be a walker for this class. I had to take a couple shortcuts to keep up on the .80 mile course to keep everyone else in sight but eventually it was over. And then I collapsed wheezing. We did some stretches and then struggled to our cars.

I didn’t noticed any real difference sleeping that night and I was a little sore in my thighs the next morning but it was a good type of sore. So after a start like that I figure I’ve got nowhere to go but up. I’ll talk to you after next Tuesday.

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