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Guinness Should Be Calling Any Moment

We’re about to hit a warm streak this week so despite my lackadaisical attitude towards most (All!) forms of exercise I’m thinking about running again. I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve started the Couch to 5k training program. Even though I’ve done two 5ks so far, at a little more than an […]

Happy Leap Year Day

So if February 29 falls on a Monday, shouldn’t that mean the day doesn’t really count? It should be an international holiday!

Go Sports!

I don’t watch or follow any type of sports. It’s just never been my thing, despite wrestling and playing football in high school. I’ve managed to learn the rules and flow of most popular sports from hearing other people discuss them, pop culture, and common sense. Naturally I know a little more about (American) football […]


Have you ever been reading a book or magazine and swiped the edge of the right-hand page to turn to the next page or scroll down? Have you ever double-tapped on a word with your finger to highlight it so it would give you the definition? Yeah. I did both of those things last night […]

White Out

Due to the 35+ inches of snow we got a couple weeks ago, the photography workshop that I was planning on going to was postponed until March. Honestly, I was glad. Partially because the location changed to, what by all accounts, is a better environment for shooting. Also because it gives me more time to […]

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