White Out

Due to the 35+ inches of snow we got a couple weeks ago, the photography workshop that I was planning on going to was postponed until March. Honestly, I was glad. Partially because the location changed to, what by all accounts, is a better environment for shooting. Also because it gives me more time to practice some techniques I’ve been reading about.

Oh deer

Well, that sucked.

First Class

In the small, college town of Shepherdstown, WV there is a running store called Two Rivers Treads. The store was opened 5 years ago by local doctor Mark Cucuzzella.┬áThe store makes the claim of being the nation’s first minimalist shore store.

Running On Empty

runningSo I’m thinking about signing up for an official running class at the local running shoe store. 8 weeks to a 5k. I’ve been trying to get myself back into running since before Spring but I can’t seem to do it by myself. I’m hoping that a little bit of money and an expectation to be somewhere every week will help me put some skin in the game. Plus my back, IT band, piriformis muscles, etc have all been acting up lately and I’m hoping this will help.

I’m still kind of on the fence about it but I’m leaning in that direction.


I want to tell you a story. It has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. It does not however, as many stories do, have a happy ending.

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