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Orphaned reservations in clubusy.nsf

This is mostly to help me remember these commands but I figured they might help someone else too. The information comes from this Technote. This morning I got a helpdesk ticket indicating that a conference room was showing up as unavailable even though there were no reservation documents in the Room & Resource database that […]

Is this user in Deny Access?

As you probably already know you can find out what groups a user belongs to by using the Find Group Member button in the Groups view of your NAB. Unfortunately though, that search doesn’t show if the user is in a Deny Access group. So instead use the Manage option under Tools- Groups on the […]

Set Home/Mail server in Policy Doc

So we just upgraded our Domino environment to 8.5.2 HF16 this past weekend. It was a long day but everything went pretty smoothly. Now I’m getting into the new features, specifiically widgets and the widget catalog. How is your widget catalog set up? Do you have one server that everyone goes to or did you […]

Social Meetings

How many times have you sat in a meeting or presentation bored out of your mind secretly trying to play Brickbreaker on your Blackberry while the leader drones on and on about whatever buzzwords are popular today? If you’re like me you’ve probably lost count.

Lotusphere DVD – AdminBlast

Yesterday was our weekly Lotus Domino Admin meeting with our boss but since he wasn’t going to make it we decided to keep the conference room and watch a Lotusphere DVD instead.  We had already watched the OGS so we chose Paul Mooney’s AdminBlast session with special guest stars, Tom Duff, Rob Axelrod, and Francie […]

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