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Wibiya Toolbar for your blog

Last week I read about Wibiya on Niklas Waller‘s blog. Wibiya is a webbased toolbar that you can add to your website or blog (see below). The toolbar is semi-customizable wherein you can change the color to match your blog’s theme and you can add/subtract different apps. It’s still listed as being in beta but […]


Where did my weekend go?? Saturday I got up at 6:30am in order to go into the office and upgrade some servers. That went fine and I upgraded 7 servers in about 5 hours. Then I went by Chik-Fil-A and grabbed some lunch which I ate in the parking lot while reading a book for […]

Do you want to date my Gravatar?

No, I’m not trolling for dates online, nor am I performing a music video although Felicia Day‘s video was the inspiration for the post title. No, this post is about Gravatars.  What is a gravatar, you ask?  It’s a picture that represents you that is stored on the server.  It’s associated with whatever email […]

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