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Guinness Should Be Calling Any Moment

We’re about to hit a warm streak this week so despite my lackadaisical attitude towards most (All!) forms of exercise I’m thinking about running again. I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve started the Couch to 5k training program. Even though I’ve done two 5ks so far, at a little more than an […]

Running On Empty

So I’m thinking about signing up for an official running class at the local running shoe store. 8 weeks to a 5k. I’ve been trying to get myself back into running since before Spring but I can’t seem to do it by myself. I’m hoping that a little bit of money and an expectation to […]

The Race That Almost Wasn’t

This past weekend was the Great Geek Fitness Challenge that I wrote about here and here. As I mentioned in one of those posts I signed up to do Carter’s Run for Dandy Walker on Saturday. Unfortunately things did not go as smoothly as I would have liked.

My Lines! My Lines! I can’t remember my lines!

Those of you who grew up in the United States might remember the above lines from a popular zoo commercial (many cities ran the same commercial) in the 1980’s. Although this post has nothing to do with acting. In a little less than 5 days I’ll be running in the Carter’s Run for Dandy Walker […]

International 5k Challenge

Over a couple beers at the hotel bar (where the most important discussions often happen) during the BLUG conference in Antwerp, BE I got into a discussion with Femke Goedhart about running. We were both bemoaning our recent lack of motivation and the desire to increase our overall fitness. So we came up with the […]

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