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Mail Rules

This morning I was helping a user with her mail rules and was asked about creating a whitelist for certain domains. Admittedly I had to think about it for a while because I, as I suspect most people do, mainly use mail rules to delete mail or shuffle it into folders. But, lo and behold, […]

In Antwerp

Those of you familiar with the filmography of Colin Farrell will recognize the title reference. This post may or may not include the filming of midgets.

Is this user in Deny Access?

As you probably already know you can find out what groups a user belongs to by using the Find Group Member button in the Groups view of your NAB. Unfortunately though, that search doesn’t show if the user is in a Deny Access group. So instead use the Manage option under Tools- Groups on the […]

London Calling

The Year of Awesome is off to a great start. I made the resolution to run 366 miles in this calendar year. (I’m a little behind where I should be with that but that’s for another post.) I spent 10 days in Florida reconnecting with friends and colleagues, and occasionally learning something. I rode a […]

Hogs and Geoducks

It was the best of times, the worst of times… it was Lotusphere. This was my sixth Lotusphere and in some ways it was the best of them but in other, thankfully fewer, ways it was a train wreck. Hog Ride Saturday morning after some confusion on bike rentals we ended up hitting the road […]

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