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Hogs and Geoducks

It was the best of times, the worst of times… it was Lotusphere. This was my sixth Lotusphere and in some ways it was the best of them but in other, thankfully fewer, ways it was a train wreck. Hog Ride Saturday morning after some confusion on bike rentals we ended up hitting the road […]

Getcher Motor Runnin’

With Lotusphere less than three weeks away most of us are rushing around picking sessions, submitting slides, and stocking up on Barocca. Veteran ‘Spherians have most likely read Andy Donaldson’s Guide to Lotusphere. If you haven’t, or even if you have, go (re)read up on it. There’s a lot of good information in there… like […]

The Lotusphere That Was

Five days after Lotusphere has ended and my head is still swimming. There was so much good content and so many wonderful experiences that I’m having trouble sorting it all out into a cohesive format. This was my fifth Lotusphere and it was very different than all the previous ones mostly for reasons unique to […]

Back on the Wagon

I haven’t talked much lately about fitness. That’s partly because I was hoping for some major changes in appearance and then lately because there haven’t been any. A friend of mine made a comment a few weeks ago that it looked like I had lost some weight. Naturally this filled me with all kinds of […]

Lotusphere DVD – AdminBlast

Yesterday was our weekly Lotus Domino Admin meeting with our boss but since he wasn’t going to make it we decided to keep the conference room and watch a Lotusphere DVD instead.  We had already watched the OGS so we chose Paul Mooney’s AdminBlast session with special guest stars, Tom Duff, Rob Axelrod, and Francie […]

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