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Where did my weekend go?? Saturday I got up at 6:30am in order to go into the office and upgrade some servers. That went fine and I upgraded 7 servers in about 5 hours. Then I went by Chik-Fil-A and grabbed some lunch which I ate in the parking lot while reading a book for […]

YouTube Marvels

Today I was watching some YouTube videos on the Blu-Ray player and I found these two Marvel related ones. You may have seen them before but they’re still amusing.

Movie Review: Julie & Julia

A little while ago I rented Julie & Julia on the advice of TheWife. We generally enjoy the same types of movies and shows with the exception of some fairly graphic fare which she can’t stand. As you may have guessed, this film did not include any gunfire, zombies, or copious amounts of blood, bile […]

Movie Review: Ironman 2

“I am Ironman.”

Movie Review: Kick Ass

This past weekend I finally had a chance to see the movie, Kick Ass. I enjoyed it for the 117 minutes it took for the story to play out but I wouldn’t say it kicked ass. The Plot A geeky high school senior wonders why nobody has ever tried to be a superhero. Despite a […]

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