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Mail Rules

This morning I was helping a user with her mail rules and was asked about creating a whitelist for certain domains. Admittedly I had to think about it for a while because I, as I suspect most people do, mainly use mail rules to delete mail or shuffle it into folders. But, lo and behold, […]

Is this user in Deny Access?

As you probably already know you can find out what groups a user belongs to by using the Find Group Member button in the Groups view of your NAB. Unfortunately though, that search doesn’t show if the user is in a Deny Access group. So instead use the Manage option under Tools- Groups on the […]

Creating sub-categories in the Notes journal

Did you know that you can create sub-categories in your Lotus Notes journal? It’s easy! In the category field of a new journal document just use the format “Main Category\sub-category”. You can go down several levels of categories but I haven’t tested the limits. You can also create sub-folders in your mailfile the same way […]

Wibiya Toolbar for your blog

Last week I read about Wibiya on Niklas Waller‘s blog. Wibiya is a webbased toolbar that you can add to your website or blog (see below). The toolbar is semi-customizable wherein you can change the color to match your blog’s theme and you can add/subtract different apps. It’s still listed as being in beta but […]

Do you want to date my Gravatar?

No, I’m not trolling for dates online, nor am I performing a music video although Felicia Day‘s video was the inspiration for the post title. No, this post is about Gravatars.  What is a gravatar, you ask?  It’s a picture that represents you that is stored on the server.  It’s associated with whatever email […]

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