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Welcome Back, Jack

I am Jack’s lack of ideas. The first work day of the new year was thankfully pretty slow. Hopefully it’ll stay that way for the rest of the week. I managed to work out a little today but didn’t do any running. Mainly because I got up too late this morning. So I’ve got to […]

Who Uses Lotus Notes?

Well, it’s that time of year again. It seems like every 12 to 18 months buzz starts filtering down from on high about “moving away from Notes”. Usually this means they’re focusing on Mico$oft and usually once they start figuring out just how many servers they’d need along with training costs and man hours they […]


So I packed up my work clothes last night, except for my pants which were in the dryer, so I could go to the gym this morning and workout. Now I didn’t sleep horribly last night but I didn’t sleep enough so I was pretty tired this morning. Can you see where this is headed?? […]

Lotusphere DVD – AdminBlast

Yesterday was our weekly Lotus Domino Admin meeting with our boss but since he wasn’t going to make it we decided to keep the conference room and watch a Lotusphere DVD instead.  We had already watched the OGS so we chose Paul Mooney’s AdminBlast session with special guest stars, Tom Duff, Rob Axelrod, and Francie […]

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