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Making My Bed, Part 2

Well, it wasn’t quite as hot as last weekend but it was close. Saturday morning I spread out the 40 bags of black mulch that I had ordered from Home Depot the week before. They didn’t quite cover the entire area so I had to go back and pick up 10 more bags at regular […]

Making My Bed

This past Saturday was so nice that I spent all day, and I mean ALL DAY, outside working in the yard. I’ll spare you the exciting tale of lawn mowing and instead skip to the fun stuff. This first picture is how the western side of our backyard looked before I started. I had been […]

Stuff That Was

No posts in three months means you get bullets. At the end of February TheWife and I took a trip to Bethel, ME for SkiLUG. The event itself, the weather, and the people were all great. The actual travel however was horrendous. By far the worst experiences I’ve ever had traveling. Two flights canceled, three […]

Teaching the Young

I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished this past weekend as I wanted. On Saturday I picked TheLad on the way down to my mother’s house. We visited for a bit and helped her run a couple errands then came back to WV. I must have been really tired because while I sat down in […]

Timb-errrrrr! Part 2

About a month ago I told you how we lost part of a tree to winds.  Well, I managed to cut up the downed branches with my trusty reciprocating saw. It took three trips in the Jeep to get it all moved deep into the woods behind the house where hopefully now it’s a home […]

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